PMS cloud with Booking Engine

Discover protel Air, the management software in cloud with Booking Engine for your hotel’s success.

protel Air is the hotel software that allows you to succesfully manage your hotel’s activities in one single platform from front-office to cash accounting, from housekeeping to maintenance, up to report and data analysis.


protel Air was born in cloud. It does not require installations. It works with any device, both fixed and portable, and in any operative system wherever you are. You just need an internet connection to be operative and manage your hotel 24/7.


The integrated and completely user-adjustable Booking Engine allows your customers to reservate their room directly from your website, without any
commission costs, to smartly disintermediate and reduce dependence on OTAs.


protel Air is one of the few hotel management systems to be integrated with the Google Hotel Ads advertising platform. This means that you will be able to promote your official rate directly on Google maps and pages. Your site will appear on the first pages for relevant searches and, with the correct rating strategy, you can push a user to book directly on your booking engine, paying much lower fees than those imposed by the OTAs.

Il modo migliore per gestire il tuo hotel? Scegliere un PMS in cloud con Booking Engine integrato per aumentare le prenotazioni dirette.

protel Air simplifies your hotel management.
Discover how.

protel Air is an international PMS designed to meet the working needs of the hotel staff and allows you to manage all your structure’s activities.

We could explain you in detail how easy it is to carry out the main front office operations such as: check-in, check-out, reservations and records, manage invoices, pass-through or suspended accounts, assign rooms to housekeeping staff, organize any maintenance interventions. Or we could show you which reports you can consult to monitor even the smallest detail of your business.

But we don’t want you to spend time.

protel Air is the most modern and technological PMS to manage your hotel with very few “clicks” and give your customers a memorable experience before, during and after their stay.

It listen to you

Give the PMS the name of a client to search or the name of the customer who has just arrived in the structure and upgrade his profile without using the keyboard, or even from your smartphone.

Il comando vocale è una delle funzionalità più innovative che un gestionale alberghiero può offrire. Scopri quanto è comodo!
protel Air acquisisce i documenti d'identità dei tuoi ospiti dalla webcam del tuo pc o tablet.

It acquires your guest’s documents

When the guest arrives, take a photo of his document: protel Air automatically identifies it and uses his data to populate the customer’s profile, as well as storing a digital copy of the document.

It uses digital signatures

Collect your customers’ signatures in digital format, directly either on your tablet or on any other touch screen device, to confirm having read the privacy policy.

Fai firmare ai tuoi ospiti l'informativa della privacy direttamente sul tablet.
Google ci ha abituato a cercare online qualsiasi cosa e a trovare quello che cerchiamo in pochi secondi. protel Air fa lo stesso!

It searches like Google

Can you imagine that russian customer with an incomprehensible surname? Thanks to the Elastic Search technology (the same used by Google), you can no longer worry about writing mistakes: you will always find what you are searching for.

It breaks data into 4

A very flexible, intuitive and clear graphic report will allow you to always keep your hotel course under control, wherever you are.

Utilizza la reportistica nativa di protel Air per prendere decisioni strategiche per la crescita della tua struttura.
Grazie alla procedura guidata, protel Air ti supporta in fase di check-in.

It guides you in the check-in

protel Air leads you step by step during the check-in, so that no relevant information about the guest is omitted.

It helps you to be multi-tasking

The new functiom called “Snooze” reminds you to complete a reservation in a second moment, if you are busy with other activities or if you are waiting for the confirmation from the guests.

Con protel Air puoi "parcheggiare" l'inserimento di una prenotazione e riprendere l'attività quando sei libero, senza perdere i dati già inseriti.
Una caratteristica importantissima di un valido gestionale alberghiero è la sua integrazione con le principali tecnologie del mondo alberghiero. protel Air ha oltre 1000 integrazioni con software per hotel.

It is connected with other 1.000 hotel softwares

Let your hotel talk with the principal hospitality systems: over 1000 integrations with online sales platforms, IDS, RMS, review Managemen System, POS, accounting and many others for the integrated management of your hotel.


And it is not finished yet.

International Cloud PMS

Choose one of the most used property management systems in the world, enriched with functions designed by hoteliers for hoteliers and in continuous evolution to make it better and better.

International support

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International multilingual support provided by industry experts. Our operators are at your disposal up to 24/7.

We are hoteliers like you

Everyone in our hospitality department has had hotel experience and is well aware of the multiple difficulties you can encounter during your carrier. No one can help you solve them as much as we do!

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